AUSTIN — In an effort to halt a certain type of rental that neighbors deem “party houses,” the Austin City Council voted in the early hours of Friday morning to temporarily ban licenses for short-term rentals.

“Type 2” short-term rentals — which essentially act as full-time hotels in residential areas — has been a hot topic for city council for several months. The council’s vote on “Type 2” rentals came after hours of listening to opinions from the public.

“I want to tell you what sharing is in my neighborhood. Dr. Dave shares his lawnmower. Daschel watches our son. Seven people came to our aid when I broke my collar bone on a skateboard,” one resident said at the late city council meeting Thursday. “None of these things are shared by the commercial STR. Instead, they share litter, traffic, noise and drunken strangers at night — none of these things are good.”